At 02:05 PM 4/29/2001 +0300, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>At 14:57 29/4/2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
>>At 01:55 PM 4/29/2001 +0300, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>>>At 13:58 29/4/2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
>>>>The seed was initialized in MINIT before the children forked. So what 
>>>>happened was that the children started returning the same random numbers.
>>>It doesn't really matter where it was initialized, but rather, when it 
>>>was initialized...
>>Well as it was initialized in MINIT it is initialized *exactly* at the 
>>same time for all apache children. Therefore, the numbers returned by 
>>each child are the same.
>In order to avoid this you actually have to call it at completely 
>different times, something you can't really guarantee.  We should probably 
>not use the timestamp as the seed (at least not alone), but also take the 
>pid into account.

Jani has already moved it to RINIT which is a good beginning. Adding the 
pid is a good idea. Is there a function which gives us the pid for both 
threaded and un-threaded modes? Or do we need to use #ifdef ZTS and use the 
tsrm_thread_id() function in threaded mode and getpid() in non-threaded?


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