At 11:36 PM 4/29/2001 +0100, James Moore wrote:
>K I have a list of bugs that need to be at least reviewed by the appropraite
>developers, this list needs to be added to/altered etc can you please send
>feedback on which issues should be fixed before 4.0.6, there are some there
>that will not be some that are a 2 second fix etc... Could the QA TEam also
>look at them and where possible provide scripts that reproduce the problem
>and/or just add an and me note.
>=================== List of bugs =======================================
>List of iteresting bugs so far:

I hope you keep good notes :)

>Zend Related
>6491 (Incorrect setting of PHP_SELF under certain circumstances)

Someone who knows this better should state his opinion. Maybe Sascha who 
knows all the RFC's by heart :) And I guess it depends what the PHP manual 
says too.

>8130 (Shallow Copy problems)

For now this is going to have to stay a "feature".

>8414 (set_timout_limit problem
>      (very weird not the normal set_timeout_limit bogus report)
>8889 (Memory consumption.. decent discussion included)

I mailed Brian and am waiting for a response from him. I'd like to work 
with him together on this one.

>9289 $argv/$argc weirdness (unverifed)
>9462 Include/Require need to be binary safe (see report for example)

I don't understand why this is a bug. He should code better :) This is how 
the OS works or am I missing something?

>9505 (Patch included OS400 specific)

No idea why this was a bug but I changed the code to how he wanted because 
it doesn't make a difference to us. Commited to CVS.

>10299 Same as 8889.
>To be verified in Zend
>10029 Not sure about this one
>       but its here due to my lack of understanding of Zend :)

It's probably not a problem but I mailed Zeev to look at it.

>Build Related
>8045 Configuration order of ccvs and mcrypt
>CGI Related
>9041 #! at top of script problem. (this one really needs fixing!)

I see where the code needs to be changed. The question is if we should 
really skip this in CGI or not. I think we shouldn't. We don't want to and 
won't do it for Apache, ISAPI and so on...

>Enviroment Related
>8725 (putenv problems (see report)) Can anyone verify this?
>ini_* funcs
>10431 ini_alter eats the include_path (unverified)
>Interbase Related
>10458 Bugs #9257 and #10292 located and fixed - see diff
>       (can someone check the fix please)
>Sockets Related
>9427 (PHP blocks waiting for packets (needs to be verified))
>Time Related
>9640 strtotime behaving weirdly (derick did you get to the bottom of this)?
>9878 gmmktime doesnt work with daylight saving
>      (can anyone verify this?) (test script included)
>URL Related
>1249 url_parse() is a bit too strict
>To be verified
>9526 Can anyone verify this? (safmode copy problems)
>9780 Seems like the dirname etc confusion due to standards

The standard we took is dirname on Linux. From a Linux shell do dirname /tmp/


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