Thanks for the quick response.

When I logon as my webuser, and execute from the command line, the scripts
still fail.  I have changed the permissions to give this webuser admin
rights, but the scripts are still failing.  Accessing the same scripts with
no authentication works fine.  

Any other ideas I can try?


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Subject: Bug #10511 Updated: Cannot set COM object properties

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PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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make sure, that the logged in user (after basic authentication) has enough
rights to change these properties.
try to run the script from the commandline logged in as
one of the webusers.


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[2001-04-26 10:10:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am accessing ADO COM objects through PHP.  I am using PHP 4.05 RC6 on
Win2K in CGI mode.  If I change the authentication from anonymous access, to
requiring a login through basic authentication, then the scripts fail and
cannot set properties on the COM object.  The same scripts work fine when
run as the anonymous user.  Very weird...

Thanks in advance for any help



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