Why would you care if a key exists and is null?  In general the behavior is 
so close to isset() that it's annoying to have to introduce a whole new 
function just for this difference.


At 04:50 30/4/2001, David Croft wrote:

>There doesn't seem to be any way for a php script to determine whether a
>given key exists in an array. isset($arr['x']) fails when it exists but
>has a null value. I know there are ways around it like using foreach or
>array_keys but these don't seem very efficient.
>I would like to add a function key_exists, with the following proto:
>bool key_exists(array search, string key)
>Please let me know if this is inappropriate or I have missed something
>obvious, otherwise I shall add this tomorrow. Thanks,
>|> /+\ \| | |>
>David Croft
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