On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 17:26:58 +0300
Andi Gutmans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 10:01 PM 4/29/2001 -0400, Sterling Hughes wrote:
> >ext/wchar (wide character support?)
> >ext/mstring (multibyte string functions)
> >ext/jpstring (japanese string functions)
> I'd make mstring -> mbstring.
> The question is if it's worth splitting this up into more than one 
> extension. Probably not.
> So we should probably be picking out of wchar, mbstring, jpstring.
> Rui, what do you think?

I prefer unified approach is better for php-i18n than splitting 
some modules.
I think mbstring is better, although this module also 
supports single-byte encoding like ISO-8859-X.
Some people might say 'wchar' is better choise,
because this module converts string to wide character internally.

If someone want to add some other encoding support,
he should add mbfilter_xx.c mbfilter_xx.h where xx means some
specific language like ja (japanese).

Anyway, because I am not original author of this module,
I must discuss to Mr. Tsukada ,the original author of jstring
about renaming the module.

Rui Hirokawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
maintainer of japanese PHP manual <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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