At 16:02 2/5/2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
I disagree. We are not getting enough testing of our RCs.
>I think if we announce an RC and we tell people they are just helping us 
>test the pre-release it's OK.
>It's not as if they can't grab a snapshot.

People usually tend to deal with pre-release or release candidate as if 
they're releases.  It's not that RC's are necessary significantly less 
stable than releases, but I don't think that announcing them on such wide 
forums would give our QA efforts anything.  It's pretty much the same as 
saying we announce 4.0.{x} as an RC for 4.0.{x+1}, because 4.0.{x} bugs 
will start flowing as soon as it's out.

What I'm trying to say is that if we make that jump from a QA team to the 
entire world, then essentially, we go a step backwards.  I think that the 
way things are today is good, and most of the bugs which aren't found can 
only be found in wide scale testing, but I don't think that announcing RCs 
in prominent places is the way to go.
Perhaps we should announce the QA team again, so that people who would join 
but don't know about it would get a chance.


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