> As I said, I don't think it's a big deal, but I think it will only have
> slight negative impact, and even slighter positive impact.  I believe that
> people who are willing to download RC's and test them as such (i.e., send
> detailed and informative bug reports, or even positive summaries) would
> join the QA team.  The ones will reach by announcing it on
> php-general/php.net/freshmeat are essentially people that will regard them
> as releases, and are likely to put them on production servers.

    Well, yeah.  Lots of people in companies actually have
    test-servers with installations of their software where
    things can break without affecting any users.  I'm not sure
    that we reach those users with our current QA process.  But
    we might be able to do that by planting announcements on
    freshmeat.net-like sites.

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