> Any opinions? Have I overlooked something that makes this more difficult
> it seems? I'm willing to work on this if I can gather some positive

For one thing, I would have to change all my code from:

    if (get_class($var)=='foo_class')) { ... }

... to:

    if (get_class($var)=='Foo_Class')) { ... }

... (assuming I know how it was declared), or to:

    if (strtolower(get_class($var))=='foo_class')) { ... }

... which I personally think is kludgy.  Ditto for function_exists(), I
assume.  Or are you suggesting something like:

    getOriginalDeclaredName('foo_class');        // returns 'Foo_Class';

... which I don't have a problem with, I suppose.  Then again, I don't write
the Zend code. :)

I don't follow how having the full case of the original declaration would
help you.

- Colin

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