> The question is, if you think people will actually download the RC in
> to test it (as opposed to using it) - why won't they join the QA team?

Because they have enough time to make sure their software still works with
the RC, but not enough time to wade through all the QA emails. :-)

Most likely, though, the cost/benefit ratio of mass distribution of the RCs
is borderline -- And throwing a few more resources at the QA team (eg Win
binaries) will be far more effective.

There will *always* be some bugs that only get found by mass testing.  The
COM bug should have been caught by a QA team member, and you've identified
why not.

:-) :-) :-) Suggested Compromise Ultimatum:  Windows binaries and Zend test
machine before 4.0.6RC1, or post RC announcement to the masses.  This should
goad us (okay, you) into having the process in place or suffering the
consequences :-) :-) :-)

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