The question was under what key the class entry should be stored...  At any 
rate, it's a non-issue;  Saving the 'beautiful' version of the class name 
is possible, but is a bit hacky IMHO.  There should be an optional case 
sensitive mode, and we'll introduce one in one of the future versions of PHP.


At 18:04 4/5/2001, Colin Viebrock wrote:
> > I don't think it is trivial to implement this without:
> > a) Creating a second version of our hash tables (I don't like duplicate
> > b) Adding more complexity to the already complex hash tables.
>I don't know enough about Zend internals to speak with any authority, but
>wouldn't an "easy" way of doing this be to:
>a) store *only* the mixed case version of the class name in the hash table,
>b) change get_class(), etc. so that they automatically pass the result
>through strtolower() (or whatever) first ... unless the optional second
>argument is passed, in which case it's just returned as is.
>You wouldn't need a bigger nor an additional hash table, AFAICT, and only
>what I imagine is relatively minor code changes to the get_class(), etc.
>- Colin
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