> The question was under what key the class entry should be stored...  At
> rate, it's a non-issue;  Saving the 'beautiful' version of the class name
> is possible, but is a bit hacky IMHO.  There should be an optional case
> sensitive mode, and we'll introduce one in one of the future versions of

Yeah ... I posted before reading the remainder of the thread. :)

One "problem" with case sensitivity (perhaps) is that it may make some
scripts non-portable.

Say I develop a super-duper PEAR class using case-sensitive code (cause
that's what I have on my server).  Someone who is running PHP in
case-insensitive mode will complain when my code says:

    if (get_class($foo)=='Some_Class_Name')) { ...

So all code that might be shared either a) needs to only us lowercase names,
b) coders need to implicity lowercase their comparisons by changing the
above line to:

    if (strtolower(get_class($foo))=='some_class_name')) { ...

or c) we also need a way to switch between sensitivity modes through PHP
code (either an ini_set() call, or something else).

Also, case-sensitivity means I can write code with functions like
StrReplace() and MySQL_Fetch_Row(), which will seriously cause problems on
non-case-sensitive installs ... unless all variations of PHP functions are

- Colin

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