At 09:02 PM 5/5/2001 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>below I included the updated list with bugs that the QA team thinks they
>should be fixed for PHP 4.0.6:

I'm bundling RC1 now like I've said in the past 10 days. I addressed some 
of this list of bugs that you mentioned in a previous Email. These are 
mostly things which have been in PHP for a long time and if no one steps up 
and tries to actually fix these bugs then there's no use in stopping 
releases of PHP from now on. Most of them aren't critical show stopppers IMO.
We should however try and get people to verify/check these bugs and see if 
there's something we can fix in the very near future on the 4.0.6 branch. 
We should probably try and have an intensive bug fixing rally on the 4.0.6 
branch this week. Whoever can reproduce/verify bugs and give a good idea of 
what needs fixing would help a lot. One doesn't have to necessarily be a 
developer for that.

I'll address these bugs again but I can't access the bugs database 
( is having some problems) so I'm not sure what all of them are.

>=================== List of bugs =======================================
>List of interesting bugs so far:
>Zend Related
>8130 (Shallow Copy problems)
>      [Andi calls this a feature for now]

Won't be fixed now.

>8414 (set_timout_limit problem
>      (very weird not the normal set_timeout_limit bogus report)

Is this a 4.0.5 issue or is it a certain platform which is experiencing 
weird behavior? Can it be reproduced by someone?

>9289 $argv/$argc weirdness (unverifed)

Can someone verify this?

>10299 From time to time, one of the httpd process will eat up all the CPU
>       time and memory, and after around 5 to 10 seconds, it goes back to
>       normal

Who knows....?

>Build Related
>8045 Configuration order of ccvs and mcrypt

Anyone know what the status is?

>CGI Related
>9041 #! at top of script problem. (this one really needs fixing!)

I'm not sure it should be fixed. #! is there for command line scripting. If 
you're writing CGI scripts you shouldn't use #!. Stig Bakken is probably 
going to work on separating the CGI SAPI module from a command line tool 
which I think is the right thing to do.

>Enviroment Related
>8725 (putenv problems (see report)) Can anyone verify this?
>ini_* funcs
>10431 ini_alter eats the include_path (unverified)
>Sockets Related
>9427 (PHP blocks waiting for packets (needs to be verified))
>Time Related
>9050 strtotime doe not work on the output of ftp_rawlist
>9640 strtotime behaving weirdly
>The above two are not "bugs" but just instances of dates the strtotime is
>unable to parse. IMO, the dates in bug 9050 should be parsed correctly,
>I don't understand the date format in #9640.
>9878 gmmktime doesnt work with daylight saving
>      (can anyone verify this?) (test script included)
>URL Related
>1249 url_parse() is a bit too strict
>To be verified
>9526 Can anyone verify this? (safemode copy problems)
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