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>At 06:03 PM 4/27/2001 -0400, Joe Brown wrote:
>>Run into a spot of trouble using Metabase(db wrapper) because of it's use of
>>casting a $var=intval($resource) where OCIFreeCursor fails to function after
>>it has been casted.
>>Guessing that it fails because intval is creating a reference to the
>>resource, in turn OCI does not release the resource because there additional
>>reference exist.
>>I'd like to start working on fixing this, but don't know which behaviour to
>>attack.  Does OCI need to be fixed or intval()?
>>Suggestions anyone...

>Is there a good reason it needs to use intval() on the resource? To be 

Just to overcome a past bug in PHP 4.0.(?).  It was making resource values
inconsistently turn into strings when used as array indexes.  A user
reported a bug on Metabase because of that when it turned out to be a PHP
bug. The workaround of using intval() made the bug effect go away.

>quite honest intval() shouldn't really return a valid value for resources 
>and just by chance it returns the resource id which is probably not a good 
>We can try and look into fixing this problem though.

Resource values should be integers to be consistent with the PHP

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