At 12:23 7/5/2001, Wez Furlong wrote:
>On 2001-05-07 00:26:02, "Zeev Suraski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > At 02:16 7/5/2001, Wez Furlong wrote:
> > >Should I create a patch that enables the parameter?
> > Probably...  Are you sure you can't use mysql_unbuffered_query(),
> > though?  If you're really used to supplying the database argument, you
> > easily write a 2 line PHP function that does the same thing...
>It's only a half-dozen line patch to enable the functionality for
>mysql_db_query - it looks like it was prepared for the change.
>I'll commit it a little later.
>For speed purposes, I prefer that code to be in C.  (I know - it's probably
>only a marginal difference).

It's going to be a bit complex to explain why I didn't want this patch, but 
I'll give it a try :)

First off, my personal preference was always to nuke mysql_db_query() 
altogether, as it encourages slow code (very rarely do you get to specify 
different databases on every query, so setting the database once and for 
all is much faster, using mysql_select_db()).  mysql_db_query(), which is 
the rename of PHP/FI 2.0's mysql(), is available for downwards 
compatibility purposes only :)

Secondly, the reason I didn't implement unbuffered results as an extra flag 
to mysql_query(), is that it would have then broke the API rule, that any 
function that accepts a MySQL link resource, can have this link omitted, 
and it'd behave in the same way with the default link.  That's why adding 
an optional 3rd argument to mysql_query() wasn't an option.

Now, your patch adds a 4th argument to mysql_db_query(), and thus breaks 
that rule.  I think it's not a good way to go from an API-cleanliness 
perspective (requiring people to specify the link for certain 
functionality).  Adding a new function (mysql_unbuffered_db_query()) seems 
very odd considering the fact that mysql_db_query() itself is there just 
for downwards compatibility purposes.

After this whole explanation, I hope you understand why I asked you whether 
you really need it (I knew it was already 'prepared' for such a patch :)

So the question remains - why do you need it?  If it's for performance 
reasons, I'd recommend dropping mysql_db_query() altogether, and use 


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