On 2001-05-07 12:22:13, "Zeev Suraski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It's going to be a bit complex to explain why I didn't want this patch,
> but I'll give it a try :)
It's OK, I understand.  I just wish that you had said this before I
comitted the patch ;-)
> First off, my personal preference was always to nuke mysql_db_query() 
> altogether, as it encourages slow code (very rarely do you get to
> different databases on every query, so setting the database once and
> all is much faster, using mysql_select_db()).
I didn't realize this.

> mysql_db_query(), which is
> the rename of PHP/FI 2.0's mysql(), is available for downwards 
> compatibility purposes only :)
Nor this.

I started to use mysql_db_query because making persistent connections was
problematic if you used the same username/host pair but wanted different

> Now, your patch adds a 4th argument to mysql_db_query(), and thus
> that rule.

I was just following the prototype in the comments for that function,
expecting that someone was going to fill in the code anyway.

> After this whole explanation, I hope you understand why I asked you
> whether you really need it (I knew it was already 'prepared' for such a
> patch :)

I'll rethink my database "strategy".
Do you want me to reverse the patch?


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