ID: 8725
Updated by: derick
Old-Status: Open
Status: Critical
Bug Type: Apache related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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Marking as "fix-before-4.0.6"

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-09 21:09:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
User feedback:
The latest snapshot made no difference. The behavior I 
describe persists. It's always the third execution of the 
script (second page reload) that produces the failure. By 
the way, at that point not only "exec" stops working, but 
"system" and "passthru" as well. It appears that "putenv" is
the cause, since removing it from the script remedies the 
problem (after apache restart there is).

It's quite possible that the problem is unique to my 

SCO Opendesktop 5.05
Apache/1.3.14 with mod_php4

but that doesn't make the situation any easier.

Couple of more points:

-- the same script works fine when executed on the shell level
-- every time phtml script fails, the following message is left in access_log: ": is 
not an identifier".

If this matter is of any interest to the developers, I'll be 
more than happy to investigate (with proper guidance :-)) 




[2001-01-15 18:04:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I tried your script in my system (Linux) and with the latest CVS of PHP 4 
and it works just fine. Could you try the latest snapshot from
to verify if this is fixed or if it is your system that causes this.



[2001-01-15 15:53:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[this is a re-sent of my message, I accidentally inserted php config options in
the wrong place of  my previous message]

Apache: 1.3.14 (with mod_php4 among other)

 exec("echo two", $two, $ret);
 print("1: $one<br>");
 print("2: $two[0] ($ret)<br>");

Browser shows:
1: one
2: two (0)

After hitting Reload, browser shows:
1: one
2: two (0)

After hitting Reload again, browser shows:
1: one
Warning: Undefined index: 0 in /u/local/apache/htdocs/test.phtml on line 6
2: (1)

After "apachectl restart"  the above repeats...

Config options:
configure  --with-gd=/usr/local/gd --with-mysql --with-jpeg-dir=/tmp/jpeg-6b


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