ID: 2181
Updated by: vlad
Status: Open
Bug Type: IMAP related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0
Assigned To: 

This shouldn't be a problem for imap_fetchstructure() now, because that code is not 
there. However, this code is present in imap_bodystruct(), which does not seem to be 
documented (?). I'll try to see if I can create a message that will trigger that 
problem, and, if I can trigger it, I'll fix it.

If anyone else gets to it before me, I have a suggestion about the patch submited by 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] - the "less-than" sign in "body->type < TYPEMAX" and 
"body->encoding < ENCMAX" whould really be "less or equal" (that's what I understod 
from reading imap/c-client/imap4r1.c)

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-10 13:41:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
refiled against 4.0 imap. no idea if it is still an issue.


[1999-11-15 10:11:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hope you don't mind if I assign this?


[1999-08-28 11:42:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please check below patch

--- imap.c.orig Sat Aug 28 23:43:06 1999
+++ imap.c      Sun Aug 29 00:08:24 1999
@@ -2087,8 +2087,8 @@
        PARAMETER *par, *dpar;
        PART *part;
-       if(body->type) add_property_long( arg, "type", body->type );
-       if(body->encoding) add_property_long( arg, "encoding", body->encoding );
+       if(body->type < TYPEMAX) add_property_long( arg, "type", body->type );
+       if(body->encoding < ENCMAX) add_property_long( arg, "encoding", body->encoding 
        if ( body->subtype ){
                add_property_long( arg, "ifsubtype", 1 );
@@ -2711,8 +2711,8 @@
        body=mail_body(imap_le_struct->imap_stream, msg->value.lval, 
-       if(body->type) add_property_long( return_value, "type", body->type );
-       if(body->encoding) add_property_long( return_value, "encoding", body->encoding 
+       if(body->type < TYPEMAX) add_property_long( return_value, "type", body->type 
+       if(body->encoding < ENCMAX) add_property_long( return_value, "encoding", 
+body->encoding );
        if ( body->subtype ){
          add_property_long( return_value, "ifsubtype", 1 );


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