ID: 2181
Updated by: vlad
Old-Status: Assigned
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IMAP related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0
Assigned To: vlad

Actually, this was still a problem, I just missed it. 7-bit encodings and plain-text 
body types both should be represented by setting body->type and body->encoding to 
zero, respectively. They were not set at all. Now they are. The impact should be 
minimal because zero is the same as an unset variable, as far as most people are 
concerned in this case.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-07 14:51:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'll assign this one to you then.


[2001-05-07 14:48:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This shouldn't be a problem for imap_fetchstructure() now, because that code is not 
there. However, this code is present in imap_bodystruct(), which does not seem to be 
documented (?). I'll try to see if I can create a message that will trigger that 
problem, and, if I can trigger it, I'll fix it.

If anyone else gets to it before me, I have a suggestion about the patch submited by 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] - the "less-than" sign in "body->type < TYPEMAX" and 
"body->encoding < ENCMAX" whould really be "less or equal" (that's what I understod 
from reading imap/c-client/imap4r1.c)


[2001-02-10 13:41:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
refiled against 4.0 imap. no idea if it is still an issue.


[1999-11-15 10:11:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hope you don't mind if I assign this?


[1999-08-28 11:42:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please check below patch

--- imap.c.orig Sat Aug 28 23:43:06 1999
+++ imap.c      Sun Aug 29 00:08:24 1999
@@ -2087,8 +2087,8 @@
        PARAMETER *par, *dpar;
        PART *part;
-       if(body->type) add_property_long( arg, "type", body->type );
-       if(body->encoding) add_property_long( arg, "encoding", body->encoding );
+       if(body->type < TYPEMAX) add_property_long( arg, "type", body->type );
+       if(body->encoding < ENCMAX) add_property_long( arg, "encoding", body->encoding 
        if ( body->subtype ){
                add_property_long( arg, "ifsubtype", 1 );
@@ -2711,8 +2711,8 @@
        body=mail_body(imap_le_struct->imap_stream, msg->value.lval, 
-       if(body->type) add_property_long( return_value, "type", body->type );
-       if(body->encoding) add_property_long( return_value, "encoding", body->encoding 
+       if(body->type < TYPEMAX) add_property_long( return_value, "type", body->type 
+       if(body->encoding < ENCMAX) add_property_long( return_value, "encoding", 
+body->encoding );
        if ( body->subtype ){
          add_property_long( return_value, "ifsubtype", 1 );


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