At 06:59 AM 5/8/2001 +0300, Boian Bonev wrote:
> > >Note that there was no such problem with PHP 4.0.4pl1 and earlier.
> > That's very odd, as PHP never considered \r alone to be a linefeed...
>it is not that odd because it may have treated it like whitespace - imagine
>a long line script. now it may treat it not as whitespace and hence the
>there is no big difference between whitespace and newline(s) in php, is it?

Both today (4.0.6-dev) and earlier \r is treated as whitespace.
However, in previous versions including 4.0.5 and 4.0.4pl1 "\r" would not 
mark line endings such as end of // or # comments.
So there is no way that I can think of that a script would have worked with 
4.0.4pl1 and not with 4.0.5.
Anyway, it doesn't really matter now because 4.0.6 should work.


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