ok, so ZEND_VERSION_DOUBLE is crazy talk. the preprocessor doesn't like floats
either.  But something like ZEND_VERSION_MAJOR 4, ZEND_VERSION_MINOR 6 would
satisfy it.


Dan Libby wrote:

> This change also broke my extension.  I'd like to have the extension
> be buildable with all of 4.x without user intervention, so I'm trying
> to figure out some way to handle the change via the pre-processor.
> I thought that ZEND_VERSION, defined in zend.h, might do the trick.
> Unfortunately, it is defined as a string, thus the C preprocessor
> won't perform any comparisons against it. Perhaps in 4.0.6+ there
> could also be a ZEND_VERSION_DOUBLE, eg:
> #define ZEND_VERSION_DOUBLE 4.06
> Does anyone have any clever solutions to this problem that I could use
> today?  thx.

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