ID: 8652
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Duplicate
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Program Execution
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.4
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Fixed in CVs.


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[2001-01-15 08:45:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
duplicate of #8466


[2001-01-11 07:31:37] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

function run_command($command, $errmsg) {
  $lastline = exec("$command 2>&1", &$lines, $rc);
  if ($rc) {
    print("Command  : $commandnReturned : $rcnOutputn------n");
    print(join("n", $lines)."nn");

$rc = run_command("/bin/uname -a", "Uname Failed!");

print("rc now = $rc");


All the commands that I have tested (uname is just an example) have returned -1 as the 
return code, even though the command has executed perfectly well. I get the same error 
if I use system instead of exec. I cannot see how else to run a command and check to 
see whether it failed or not.

I am using PHP RPMS downloaded from but this does not seem 
like a packaging error, so I am reporting it here.


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