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Bug Type: *Session related
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PHP Version: 4.0.4
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[2001-01-08 04:16:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have started a session in a file in one folder however when that page calls another 
in another folder then the session variable does not carry.... I am using the
session_start() statement in every page in the 
other folder ..... 

It works fine with all the files in the same folder that the session was started in, 
when it comes to the files in any other folder it does not work...... 

I am using php4 with Apache on win95 downloaded from

If anyone knows about this problem or knows where I can get an answer to it please 

I want to write one login script for my site and keep it in one folder and call that 
all the pages in various folders.....


Neville Lewis.

CODE below is of the two files in the 2 different folders 
The variable $val is registered in "f1_file1.php" and 
gets printed in "f1_file2.php" 
BUT NOT IN "f2_file1.php" 

Tell me what is wrong here ? 

I am using php4, Apache, windows95 

FOLDER: /www/session/f1/ 
FILE: "f1_file1.php" 


$val="Hello val"; 

echo "session registered"; 


FILE: "f1_file2.php" 

echo "displaying session val in SAME FOLDER below<br>"; 
echo $val; 


FOLDER: /www/session/f2/ 
FILE: "f2_file1.php" 

echo "displaying session val in DIFFERENT FOLDER below<br>"; 
echo $val; 



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