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> >>
> >>   Whereas, replacing the call_user_func above with the following:
> >>
> >>   call_user_func($name, array($param1));
> >>
> >
> > Well, I thought that the function call_user_func_array() is supposed to
> > called this way. What good is it anyway? I suggest
> > should
> > be removed as it is not needed and also doesn't work with user functions
> > that
> > expect arguments by reference.
> >
> Well it is needed...  If you need to decide how many arguments to pass
> to a function at execution time then the call_user_func_array() function
> is critical.

But you said that 'call_user_func' can be also called like this:
    call_user_func($function_name, array($arg1, arg2, arg3));

Where's the difference between call_user_func and call_user_func_array?

Stefan Livieratos

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