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Bug Type: Mail related
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PHP Version: 4.0.5
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And what might that error be you're getting?
Your example script isn't complete. Do you happen to
have \n's in the end of $email or $subject ?


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[2001-05-14 15:54:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Here is our php.ini file
[mail function]
SMTP                    =                     ;for 
win32 only
sendmail_from   =       [EMAIL PROTECTED]   ;for win32 only
;sendmail_path  =                                               ;for unix only, may 
supply arguments as well (default is 'sendmail -t -i')

This mail server relays mail for all our IP 198.172.189.* but will not work with PHP. 
Gives a error every time.

This is where it sys the error is.
$headers .= "From: $order_emailn";
$headers .= "Return-Path: <$order_email>n";  // Return path for errors

mail($email, $subject, $email_body . $message . $message_secure . $message2 . 
$message3, $headers);
mail($order_email, $subject, $message . $message_admin . $message2, $headers);

But this works fine on our freebsd boxes. But we need to get PHP working on windows. 
Any help on why Mail in PHP will not work any windows 2000 server would be great. this 
is the only thing in PHO that will now work for us.

Please let me know so i could get his fixed.



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