Harald Radi wrote:

> instead of just setting a flag you could implement a assoc-entry counter
> (imo performance is the same)
> that you could decrement if an associative key gets deleted.

This, to me, seems like too much work for to small a feature...  Even 
though extensions might benefit from this feature, its easy enough to 
implement in the extensions themselves and won't improve speed (and on a 
technical note, the above method seems as if it would a little bit 
slower (larger container, more operations, yada, yada, yada).

If its really necessary, the best (even though most inefficient, but it 
wouldn't require a re-working of the internals) solution would be just 
to have a function, zend_is_assoc_array(), which returns true if the 
given hash is an associative array, false otherwise.

As for the other solution, the userland function, array_remove_assoc(), 
just seems wayyyyyy to hacky for me, and really pushing it for such a 
small feature.


> harald.
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>>Ok, if we humor ourselves with this feature...  What kind of
>>behavior would
>>you expect if a key gets deleted, and there are no longer associative
>>members in the array?
>>At 02:42 15/5/2001, Harald Radi wrote:
>>>>Any XML-RPC implementation would benefit from seeing easily whether a
>>>>value is a continous pure numeric array, associative array or a mix.
>>>>It should be a trivial fix, and the performance difference is
>>>> - Stig
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>>>>>Why do you need it?  Nobody ever needed it until now.
>>>.. it seems noone dared to complain until now .. :)
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