> Brian Moon writes:
> > I know it would confuse me to have 0009 turned into an octal or hex if I
> > type cast it to (int).  When I think of (int), I only think of their
> > ultimate decimal value.  Perhaps there needs to be a new type cast
> > (oct)?) that will interpret variables in their hex or octal value.  I
> > it is still a long integer in value, but it is a different
representation of
> > that number.
> That's along the lines of what I was thinking--another cast (and
> perhaps an optional arg to intval()?) which would respect the
> base--maybe not separate (oct) or (hex)--or maybe so--or something
> like (intbase) which just respected the base (since octal and hex are
> the only ones strtol() claims to handle anyway). I admit that name is
> clumsy at best. :) As it stands is_numeric('0x24') returns true but
> intval('0x24') returns 0--which seems to conflict. Changing the
> existing cast would probably surprise a lot of people though :).

A new cast is IMO no good idea. A cast is a way to enforce
converting to another TYPE, and that is not the case here.

The default string -> int behaviour (is doesn't matter whether
implicit or explicit (resp. type-juggling and casting)) could
be improved to understand hex, but is definitely should NOT,
I repeat NOT understand octal numbers. Octal numbers
are obsolete (I've only seen them in chmod-like functions,
nowhere else.), and it would confuse a lot of people.
Mostly this function is called over user-supplied data,
and 90% of that users are still confused about why
the heck the internet uses forward-slashes, let alone
they know what octal means.
But it should be made possible of course, if you're certain
what you're doing.

- enhance string -> int conversion to understand hex.
- get an optional argument to intval as a possibility
  to make it understand octals.

What WOULD be nice cast (i realise i'm now contradicting
myself) is (number)
  (number) $a
should be completely equivalent with
  0 + $a
that is, $a wil be converted to int if possible, but if it
is too large, or contains a fraction symbol (the dot)
or an exponent, it should be converted to float


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