> Well, the reason I stayed away from trying to use fgets for a single block
> at a time were because of some of the comments from
> http://php.net/manual/en/function.fgets.php
> Anyways, an offtopic question if I may, I've tried making .htaccess
> parseable by PHP using AddType and also attempting to do it by making
> .htaccess a PHP-CGI file, to no avail. Is this something that is possible to
> do with PHP? I have seen examples where mod_perl is used to generate
> .htaccess files on the fly but nothing when it comes to PHP. If there is any
> documentation in this are I would really be keen to see it.

Why would you have PHP parse a .htaccess file?  That makes no sense.
.htaccess files are parsed by Apache even on php requests.

What I was saying is that you would generate the .htacess whenever the
header information needs to change and when the user requests a file, it
will be sent directly by Apache with mod_headers applying the custom
headers.  There is no PHP involved in this.


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