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Updated by: rasmus
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Apache related
Operating system: 
PHP Version: 4.0.5
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There is no "supported list".  But, obviously operating systems that are more common 
end up getting more attention and more testing.  AIX is near the bottom of that list.

Previous Comments:

[2001-05-18 01:29:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tried recompiling everything with IBM Visual Age C v5.01.  No change.  I also tried 
linking with the pthread library for the httpd binary, like [EMAIL PROTECTED] said to 
try, but no luck.  Quick question: is AIX on the "supported" list ??  Is this supposed 
to work ??



[2001-05-17 21:49:55] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
On systems that use glibc-2.1.x there is a bug in glibc that prevents a binary not 
linked against pthreads to dynamically load a shared library that is linked against 
pthreads.  Perhaps this problem also exists on AIX?  Try linking your Apache httpd 
against libpthreads.


[2001-05-17 20:57:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Apache-1.3.19 compiles clean under gcc-2.95.3 with:

$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/apache --enable-module=so
<junk deleted>
$ make
<junk deleted>
# make install
<junk deleted>

Apache starts cleanly and generally works fine.

PHP4.0.5 compiles clean under gcc-2.95.3 with:

$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/php --with-apxs=/opt/apache/bin/apxs 
<junk deleted>
$ make
<junk deleted>
# make install
<junk deleted>

Howver when I stop Apache and start it back up again, it doesn't start.  It dumps 
core.  When I rem out the LoadModule directive for the php module in httpd.conf, 
Apache starts up fine.

[ FYI: it's MySQL 3.23.34a (--prefix=/opt/mysql --with-pthreads) ]

Any suggections on how to troubleshoot it ?  If you have a use for the core, I can 
send it to you.  More info:

AIX 4.3.3 (maintenance update 8)

Only other software installed on the system is GNU make-3.79.1 and bash-2.04.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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