Hello Andi,

Friday, May 18, 2001, 5:07:46 PM, you wrote:

AG> I think there are two main open issues for 4.0.6.
AG> The crash in mcrypt (if it is a general problem) and the rollback of domxml.

AG> Am I correct? Is there anything else crucial which needs to be added?

AG> Andi

I re-verified the mcrypt problem late last night by upgrading a redundant
linux server to 4.0.6 and the mcrypt functions immediately started to
fail - interestingly all platforms this has been tested on return
DNS/Server not found errors in MSIE > 5.0 under Win32. I fully expect
it to do the same on other platforms/browser configurations but don't
have the time to go through them all.

The immediate workaround is of course to comment out / remove the
appropriate calls to the mcrypt functions but clearly for applications
where data integrity is important this isn't a long term fix.

I understand that Derek was going to have a look at this issue last
night, and would appreciate any information on progress as and when it
arises; we have 3 applications relying on this functionality to secure
user data and each of them is now using alternative methods which I am
keen to bin at the earliest opportunity.

Best regards,
 Operations Director, Gameshrine Limited

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