Andi Gutmans wrote:

> I think there are two main open issues for 4.0.6.
> The crash in mcrypt (if it is a general problem) and the rollback of 
> domxml.
> Am I correct? Is there anything else crucial which needs to be added?

Yup, and after Colin's message, I'm still deciding whether to rollback 
the DOM-XML commit in the branch.  Right now I'm going through the 
source and doing a bit of cleanup (removing confusing commented 
portions, adding some debugging features).  I'm basically waiting to the 
last minute to see if I can get enough cleaned up and working for the 
next release (crash bugs, functionality, documentation, etc.)

I probably won't be able to finish, and end up just reverting the commit 
in the branch, but its worth a try. ;)


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