>     *2 Some Linux 2.4.x trees seem to be broken in that respect and
>        don't free pages quickly enough (or not at all).  This
>        causes the system to freeze.  Linux 2.2 works as expected.
>        I experienced this effect on 2.4.4-ac1 (TUX patch).

    As an addition to this, page aging works again in -ac10.

    Furthermore, here are some references for interested parties.

    McKusick et al, The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD
    Operating System, 5.4 Per-Process Resources, 5.12 Page

    Mauro et al, Solaris Internals, 5.3.8 Page Faults in Address
    Spaces, 5.4.1 The vnode Segment: seg_vn, 5.8 The Page Scanner

    - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG
      http://schumann.cx/                http://schumann.cx/ircg

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