I just rolled back to the 4.0.5 version of DOM/XML but can't test it.
Can you please check out the 4.0.6 branch (cvs update -r PHP_4_0_6 in the 
php4/Zend/TSRM directories) and let me know if the rollback worked?



At 11:14 AM 5/24/2001 +0000, Christian Stocker wrote:
>On 23 May 2001 09:58:18 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Andi Gutmans) wrote:
> >At 12:23 PM 5/23/2001 +0200, Christian Stocker wrote:
> >>In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "Andi
> >>Gutmans" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>
> >> > Guys,
> >> >
> >> > I'd like to roll 4.0.6RC2 this evening (my evening which is in like 12
> >> > hours) as I mentioned a couple of days ago. I think we can also send it
> >> > with a "good" explanation of what it is and what it isn't to
> >> > php-general@ and get some more testing done and hopefully release 4.0.6
> >> > ASAP.
> >>
> >>it doesn't look like domxml was reverted to the "old" behaviour.....
> >
> >Yeah but Colin said it works fine. Are you sure we should revert?
> >I really want to get 4.0.6 out of the door and roll RC2 today.
> >I have no clue about the DOM XML module and am not sure what we should do.
> >There have always been problems with it.
>but as I said in the thread "issues about domxml in 4.0.6" it's still
>almost impossible to write "cross-version" code with domxml which
>works in 4.0.5 and 4.0.6, just because for example the children()
>funcion returns a different array in the two versions. and i think,
>this is very nasty...
>I'm not sure anymore about the segfaults with the old syntax (eg
>domxml_children()), but as they are still in the documantation, i
>think a lot of people use them, as well.
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