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Bug Type: ODBC related
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PHP Version: 4.0.5
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any chance you can watch the network traffic to see whats happening?

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[2001-06-05 09:28:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Any other program (like access or excel) could read and write data to AS/400 via ODBC. 

I've install MDAC 2.6 but it don't change anything.

Where else could i look?


[2001-06-01 12:19:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
the error you reported (08S01) stands for communication link failure.  basically it 
means the communication link between the driver (your windows ODBC <b>NOT</b> PHP) and 
the data source was interupted before the link could be fully connected.

can anything else on your machine connect to the as/400?

what about via odbc?  i'm guessing not.

one suggestion is to update to the latest MDAC (2.6??) from Microsoft.  it may not fix 
your problem, but it's worth a try.  


[2001-05-23 09:53:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
One more thing

On processus manager I see a process named php wich never end whereas when I don't use 
ODBC, the php process only exist for a moment.

Is there some information to provide to the ODBC driver?


[2001-05-22 16:03:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've just upgrade to apache 1.3.20

It's seems to work a moment but I have some error message like the one

I reboot the computer two or three time and I have the same problem.

My script seems to work but It stop on the pconnect instruction.

I have tested ODBC link with access and he's OK.

I've try to use both apache module and cgi binary but it the same.

The problem is on the PC because I've try with several As/400 (old and new)
and it's the same folks.

The more surprising is that when I desinstall everything and reinstall from
scratch, it works for a while.

What tools can i use to see what is really happen?


I have it working but on the first or second connection, i've got:
Warning: SQL error: [IBM][Pilote ODBC Client Access Express (32 bits)][SQL 
DB2/400]Echec de
liaison. Comm RC=8405 - CWB0986 - Programme système ARIAS interrompu de manière
inattendue, SQL state 08S01 in SQLConnect in c:program filesapache on line 16
Problème ODBC

Hope this will help


[2001-05-18 11:14:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
can you try to provide a bit more information?  

maybe try the $connection = odbc_connect($nomodbc, $user, $iden) or die("My ODBC 
connection doesn't exist");


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