ID: 11374
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: *Session related
Operating system: FreeBSD 3.0-RELEASE #5
PHP Version: 4.0.5
Description: Browsers other then IE write empty session files to /tmp.

We aren't making any progress this way.
First, there are many people with empty session files.
It isn't just me.....
Like you said, it works just fine for me.
Not for everybody.
I simple can't install new software just like this.
There are many sites running on that server.
I rather not risk downtime. So, please give me a better reason then, "please try it"!

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-14 13:38:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
If you don't want to test it, it's your problem. 
This works for me just fine as it does for hundreds of
other people too. Check your settings.


[2001-06-12 14:07:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've tried to get sessions working with version 4.0.1pl2 and version 4.0.5. What is 
the chance it will work with this release candidate? Isn't there another way to verify 
this problem? Can you change the description of this bug?


[2001-06-10 02:52:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This works for me just fine with PHP 4.0.6RC3.
Could you please try it? You can find it here:



[2001-06-10 01:25:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It isn't the browser that causes this behaviour, it's the protocol. When a php script 
that uses sessions is requested using HTTP/1.0, created session files are empty. When 
the same script is requested using HTTP/1.1 everything works fine.

Sample url:
Sample code:


echo session_id();

if(!isset($count)) {
  $count = 1;
else {

echo "<p>You've been here $count times.  Thanks!</p>";



[2001-06-09 01:45:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
And where does IE write them? What do you mean by 'empty session files'? As PHP is 
server-side, it's a bit impossible
to be browser that causes this behaviour.

Do you have any short example code of this?



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