From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux Debian
PHP version:      3.0.17
PHP Bug Type:     Scripting Engine problem
Bug description:  eregi DO NOT FIND expression if string too complicated and from 

In some cases, eregi_replace doesn't work. I found it didn't worked
when reading the a long/complicated line from a file :

1. I read $line from a file and $line becomes :

 href=\"PHP_url_me?req_modmain=showprod&req_modsub=view&req_id=1\">[view]</a> <a 

2. $url_myself = "";;
   and $line = eregi_replace ("PHP_url_me", $url_myself, $line);

   doesn't work !

3. For the other lines from the same file (shorter and with less
   special characters) it WORKS !

   AND that line is not tested the same as if I do
   $line2 = ...
   ($line <> $line2) ?!

4. in eregi_replace ($pattern, $replace, $string), are there special characters into 
$string ???? and even, why the same $line is not the same when read from a file


I suppose the bug is more in $fcontents than ereg, BUT WHY ereg
doesn't find a pattern which IS INTO the string ($line) ?
Whatever the line can be, the pattern is there, so why doesn't
it find it ?

I suppose you don't need any other information, but just in case :
 - Debian Linux potato
 - PHP 3.0.18


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