ID: 9264
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Closed
Bug Type: *Session related
Operating system: win98 SE
PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (14/02/2001)
Description: Using session_encode with user-level session storage functions causes a 

Hi !

Sorry to bother you with this bug report you closed yesterday but I think the bug does 
exist and it's not related to my config because I can reproduce it with all php 
releases > 4.01 except with the latest snapshots from Zend.

I've done some deep testings this night to understand what could be the reason for the 
crash and I've noticed that one must have set the 'register_globals' directive to off 
to face it (wathever is the way php is loaded by Apache and whatever are the 
extensions loaded).

Please ignore this post if you don't have enough time to test bugs reports again and 
again: I can wait the next php4.07 package.

Have a nice and shinny week-end,
Loc Chapeaux

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-23 17:22:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Can't reproduce this with either PHP 4.0.5 or PHP 4.0.7-dev on Win32.


[2001-06-23 05:06:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi All!

I've just done some testings with the new php4.06 release and the crash is still here 
- php loaded as a cgi or as an Apache module,
- php.ini = the optimized one (without any extension).



[2001-06-15 13:33:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi sniper and all!

Well, it's not easy to send you an accurate reply because zend snapshots for win32 
does not contain the Apache module.

BTW, Ive done some testings:
- with php4.07-dev from the script still crashes Apache with php loaded as 
a gci or as an Apache module;
- with the latest snapshot from (cgi only), it runs :)

If someone can build the Apache module (I can't do it, sorry :() I may do some more 

Thanks for your attention,


[2001-06-14 23:21:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this happen with latest CVS snapshot build from ??


[2001-03-17 12:08:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I've done a test with the new php4.0.5-RC1 from and the crash still occurs.



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