ID: 8989
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old-Status: Closed
Status: Open
Bug Type: *Session related
Operating system: Windows NT 4 SP5(IIS4)/2000 SP2 (IIS5)
PHP Version: 4.0.6
Description: Bug#5493 resurfaced

PHP v4.0.6 is now out.  I have installed and run v4.0.6.  I have tried running it 
leaving the PHP4TS.DLL from v4.0.3pl1 in place (since the installation instructions 
now read
"...Some DLLs are required for some PHP extensions. Please copy them to your to your 
windows/system (Win9.x) or winnt/system32 (WinNT, Win2000) directory. IF YOU ALREADY 
WORKING CORRECTLY [emphasis added]...."

The problem still existed, so I dropped the PHP4TS.DLL file that came with PHP v4.06 
and tried again.  Same problem.

The CGI version of PHP v4.0.6 STILL has the same problem.  Once again, for proper 
session work, I have to stay at v4.0.3pl1, the LAST version that did session variables 

Can we re-open this now?  Thank you.

Previous Comments:

[2001-06-19 17:55:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Amazing.  No report has been made that the bug has been resolved, yet you have a burr 
up your butt to close out the problem anyway.  Great debugging technique.  Truly 
professional.  Good to know PHP is in such good hands.

Yes, to answer your comment, I DO remember that I wrote that.  In fact, it's basically 
a repeat of the same thing I wrote earlier, since you did not seem to pay attention 
the first time.  Each time a point release is out, I check it, as I--like many PHP 
users--would like to have the latest features and bug fixes.  PHP totally kicks ass, 
but unfortunately there are some glitches from time to time.

HOWEVER, a nightly CVS build is not considered by most to be a stable release.  Ergo 
we have such things as RELEASE CANDIDATES.  PHP is now at 4.0.6 RC3 if memory recalls 
correctly.  However, this too is not a full release.  RCs are basically like beta 
releases for those so inclined (and with sufficient time) to be guinea pigs.  CVS 
nightly builds are for those normally heavily involved, RCs are for those who want to 
help point out flaws in the next release, and then actual point releases are what most 
users obtain.

I apologize if I don't satisfy your sudden demand for people to jump at testing your 
nightly builds or RCs.  But like many I actually have a job and life that requires 
most of my time.  I gladly test full point releases, but unfortunately do not have 
time to be your daily minion.

This is the first time I've witnessed anyone involved with PHP development act in such 
a manner.  I hope it's not a sign of things to come.


[2001-06-19 16:45:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Do you remember this:
> I have not tried the latest snapshots.  I tend to wait for point releases to re
> test.
> Unfortunately I do not have that much time to keep retesting with the nightly b
> uilds, etc.
> When 4.0.6 is released, I will test with that.

Then reopen this report when it is not fixed in 4.0.6.



[2001-06-19 10:56:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
What is this, the Microsoft approach to dealing with bugs?  You have no evidence if 
the problem is resolved, yet you close out the problem anyway.  Burying your head in 
the sand doesn't make the issue go away.

I'm sorry, but you don't close a problem until a resolution is found and the fix 
confirmed.  There is a session bug, which existed in early 4.0 releases, was then 
fixed, and is now broken again.  The last working version of PHP for Windows that did 
sessions properly was 4.0.3pl1, and nothing thus far indicates that this issue has 
been resolved since then.

I have updated the PHP Version for you to reflect the problem still exists in 4.0.5, 
the latest release most users would touch.  Most PHP users are not about to touch 
nightly CVS builds.  That's why you HAVE point releases like 4.0.3pl1, 4.0.4, 4.0.5, 

This problem should remain open until it can be confirmed that the bug is fixed.


[2001-06-19 09:27:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Reopen this if it doesn't work with 4.0.6.



[2001-06-15 11:08:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have not tried the latest snapshots.  I tend to wait for point releases to retest.  
Unfortunately I do not have that much time to keep retesting with the nightly builds, 
etc.  When 4.0.6 is released, I will test with that.


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