> That's excellent.  Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this 
> is a cool idea.  How long have you been in development of this?  When 
> did you start?

It's been a project originally to do the same thing as described, but
without using php but rather a custom program that used IE as a gui frontend
and was built in the dll instead of as an executable. We've been turning
towards php lately, so I modified the application to be able to use php. So
I started about a year ago (maybe a little longer), but as it was such a
small part of the project I couldn't really say how long I worked on it. I
know it took a lot of trial and error coding, as microsoft documentation
looks really impressive (volume-wise), but when you get down to the details
it suddenly doesn't tell you much anymore...

> Open source is my goal, personally, but I respect your plans even if 
> they are commercial.  

They're not my plans, really. I would like OS too, but PHB's think
differently. I can understand that, though. They're coming around a little
(they let me contribute the dbx module under the php license).
I've been talking about it with the PHB's yesterday, and the plan is to
release it as a commercial app. 
License would be something like 
- free for personal/development/evaluation use
- pay for every project that you distribute with the app (regardless of how
many copies of that project you make)
Pricing is not definitive yet, but could be somewhere in the range $250-500,
depending how many people are going to use it. Could you tell me if such a
price would make you think twice about using it? The app will usually be
distributed as part of a site/app you developed, probably with a
project-price that is many-many times the proposed price.

> What do you call your app and what can I do to help?  Anything?

Yeah, you can come up with a good name ;-)
Seriously, we could use a couple beta testers. I've been told I can accept 5
beta-testers. Benefits are that you can distribute your first project for
free... Interested?

Cheerio, Marc.

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