> Pricing is not definitive yet, but could be somewhere in the range
> $250-500, depending how many people are going to use it. Could you
> tell me if such a price would make you think twice about using it? 

I think it depends totally on the target audience.

Small, amateur developers like me would be very unlikely to drop that 
sort of cash unless the program was packed full of slick features 
which made it invaluable.  The competative product is Visual Basic 
and I think that's <$100.  I tend to look for shareware products in 
the $40 and less arena.

Corporations would have no problem spending that sort of money, but 
they also tend to hire professional programmers who would not be 
daunted by the challenges of programming Windows in VC++.  If you 
plan to market to corporations, then you would need to target your 
product as a development tool for companies that don't do Windows 
programming.  This sort of tool would be perfect for companies who 
write programs for other environments and need to generate a few 
small applications in Windows.  Those companies cannot justify having 
their programmers spend all the time it takes to learn the more 
complex environment.

> Seriously, we could use a couple beta testers. I've been told I
> can accept 5 beta-testers. Benefits are that you can distribute
> your first project for free... Interested? 

*IF* I do not have to sign a non-compete, then count me in.  If you 
end up going the commercial route, then I will probably re-open my 
efforts into making a GPL version, and I won't sign away that right.

Good luck!

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