apparently php-users are fooled (bug 9633, private email to me) by zends 
sorting on one-element arrays. In fact we do nothing there.

 >      if (ht->nNumOfElements <= 1) {  /* Doesn't require sorting */
        return SUCCESS;
 >      }

but zend_hash_sort is called with renumber=1 for sort() and the like. 
thus any array with size>1 will be renumbered except the one element 
array, that one is returned unchanged. shoudn't have renumbering an 
effect on one-element arrays even if there is nothing to sort?

POV 1)
One element, nothing to sort. Simply return it.
Problem: inconsistent behaviour

POV 2)
Renumber arrays with size>1, renumber all.
Problem: backwards compatibilty.

well, I am unsure. To not have the BC problem we should at least 
document this, because experience shows that people do expect that 
sort() acts similar on all arrays and renumbers even one-element arrays.

ok. why would you sort a one-element array? I wouldn't, but people 
apparently do and I can understand this kind of inconsistency assuming.


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