> Well, if the array was passed in from somewhere else and is usually more
> than one element, why would you clutter up your code checking every
> time for the one-element (or no element) case rather than assuming
> sort correctly handles all cases.

(just for the records) :)

*sorting* works in any case!!! according to the manual sorting actually 
is ok. the documentation says *nothing* about the keys (de facto, if you 
would weigh this behaviour against the documentation you would not be 
able to find a bug anyhow) it just is a kind of inconsistency. you only 
can treat this a bug looking at the C code, where a parameter for 
"renumbering" is given (renumbering is 0 for key-preserving sorting)

the current behaviour simply isn't defined and thus follows: you can 
infer anything from a wrong premise! inferring this being correct 
behaviour is equally legitimate inferring the contrary!

actually I think treating this as a bug makes sense, but this should not 
go in before 4.1 to avoid any confusion.


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