From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: HP-UX 11.00
PHP version:      4.0.6
PHP Bug Type:     Compile Failure
Bug description:  LC_CTYPE undeclared

Compile with either that static or DSO method fails on HP-UX 11.00.

Config command (from static):

./configure --prefix=/opt/php4 --with-apache=../apache_1.3.19 --disable-debug 
--enable-inline-optimization --with-exec-dir=/opt/php4/bin --with-d
bm --enable-debugger --enable-magic-quotes --enable-safe-mode --enable-sockets 
--enable-track-vars --enable-yp --enable-ftp --without-mysql --without-oracle 

End of make output:

        gcc  -I. -I/tmp/php-4.0.6/ext/pcre -I/tmp/php-4.0.6/main -I/tmp/php-4.0.6 
-I/tmp/apache_1.3.19/src/include -I/tmp/apache_1.3.19/src/os/unix 
-I/tmp/php-4.0.6/Zend -I/tmp/php-4.0.6/ext/xml/expat/xmltok 
-I/tmp/php-4.0.6/ext/xml/expat/xmlparse -I/tmp/php-4.0.6/TSRM  -DSUPPORT_UTF8 
-DXML_BYTE_ORDER=21 -g -O2  -c php_pcre.c && touch php_pcre.lo
In file included from /tmp/php-4.0.6/Zend/../main/php_config.h:1931,
                 from /tmp/php-4.0.6/Zend/zend_config.h:1,
                 from /tmp/php-4.0.6/Zend/zend.h:44,
                 from /tmp/php-4.0.6/main/php.h:34,
                 from php_pcre.c:25:
/opt/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00/2.95.3/include/string.h:26: warning: 
`__va__list' redefined
/opt/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00/2.95.3/include/stdio.h:30: warning: this is 
the location of the previous definition
php_pcre.c: In function `pcre_get_compiled_regex':
php_pcre.c:158: `LC_CTYPE' undeclared (first use in this function)
php_pcre.c:158: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
php_pcre.c:158: for each function it appears in.)
php_pcre.c:158: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast
*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1


Tried with LANG=C and LANG undefined - no difference...

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