Operating system: Solaris 8 / Intel
PHP version: 4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type: Strings related
Bug description: Backslash parameter passing in Forms

Here's instructions on how to reproduce :

1. Create a php-file with this content :
<HTML> <BODY> <?php print( $p ); ?> </BODY> </HTML>
and call it whatever you want (eg. blah.php)

2. Next call the URL eg. http://server/blah.php?p=/
2a. Same with http://server/blah.php?p=%5c
The apache access_log shows the very same url one typed into netscape or
explorer, so this looks fine to me.

3. Look at the output page. It'll show 2 (in words : two) backslashes
Why is this ? How do i pass just one backslash ?

Thanks a lot

Sorry, the web page reported a bug in /local/Web/sites/phpweb/bugs.php on
line 419
and said : "Sorry, mail not sent!" and asked me to send this mail manually.
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