On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:

>On 28 Jun 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> ID: 10589
>> Updated by: sniper
>> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> Old-Status: Closed
>> Status: Critical
>> Bug Type: *Install and Config
>> Operating system:
>> PHP Version: 4.0 Latest CVS (01/05/2001)
>> Assigned To:
>> Comments:
>> No, the libtool 1.4 is seriously bugged..
>    This bug report is irrelevant as far as I can see.
>    What is your reasoning for marking it as ``Critical´´?

Because this is something that needs to be fixed before
we release this. Do you need some other reasoning?
I would like to revert back to libtool 1.3.5.
It wasn't really a good idea (I know, I was asking for this..)
to update to 1.4 so soon.

Didn't you get my email? You asked about the .la files?
And I told you that now I can compile HEAD branch somewhat
succesfully after I moved all the .la files out from /usr/lib


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