> Because this is something that needs to be fixed before
> we release this. Do you need some other reasoning?

    Jani, this is a forum where people tend to be polite to each
    other.  As a member of this forum, I'd expect you to follow
    the established rules to facilitate constructive
    communication among us.

    The cited bug report is unrelated to the issue you are
    referring to.  It is about enabling PHP to use libtool 1.4
    which it is capable of now.  Therefore, the bug report can be

> I would like to revert back to libtool 1.3.5.
> It wasn't really a good idea (I know, I was asking for this..)
> to update to 1.4 so soon.

    This is not a critical bug as it does not affect any
    significant portion of our user group.  It is only
    problematic, if you have conflicting versions of a software
    installed in multiple places, one of which must be /usr/lib.
    The same effect could happen under other circumstances as
    well where you install various tools with a common prefix,
    even if the special handling of /usr/lib would be added to
    libtool 1.4.

    We need to look into that issue, but we should not overstate
    its importance.

    - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG
      http://schumann.cx/                http://schumann.cx/ircg

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