because it's not global. global variables are those not defined
within any function, method, or object. and please, ask further
questions like this in php-general@

At 13:01 6/29/2001, John Parker wrote the following:
>Hi, all.
>I'm just wondering why a variable defined within a function is not available
>as a global to functions called from the same scope. There's probably a
>really good reason for this, but I'm not sure I know what it is. 
>Feel free to educate me.
>Ta muchly,
>--- Code example follows ---
><?PHP   // Simple global variable scope test.   Function startTests()           {     
>          $G_test = "Hello, World.";              globalTest();           }       
>Function globalTest()           {               global $G_test;         if 
>(isset($G_test))                     {                       echo ("Global variable 
>'test' - value:
>'<B>".$G_test."</B>'.<P>\n");                   }               else echo ("Global 
>variable 'test' is not set.<P>\n");          }?>
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