That's simply not the way things work.  Local variables are local to the 
context of the function that declared them, and are not supposed to be 
accessible from any other context, including that of nested function calls 
(that's how most languages behave).

At 14:01 29/6/2001, John Parker wrote:
>Hi, all.
>I'm just wondering why a variable defined within a function is not available
>as a global to functions called from the same scope. There's probably a
>really good reason for this, but I'm not sure I know what it is.
>Feel free to educate me.
>Ta muchly,
>--- Code example follows ---
><?PHP   // Simple global variable scope test.   Function 
>startTests()           {               $G_test = "Hello, 
>World.";              globalTest();           }       Function 
>globalTest()           {               global $G_test;         if 
>(isset($G_test))                     {                       echo ("Global 
>variable 'test' - value:
>'<B>".$G_test."</B>'.<P>\n");                   }               else echo 
>("Global variable 'test' is not set.<P>\n");          }?>
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