ID: 10324
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Operating system: Linux PPC (yellow dog 1.2) and R
PHP Version: 4.0.6
Description: reproducable seg fault during generic script exec with pgsql and mcrypt


I was wrong about the exact string that causes the problem I mentioned yesterday... I 
remembered that I'm actually URL encoding the data prior to encrypting it so the 
string is really "Reed%2C+Phyllis". The key is still 

Take care,

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[2001-07-04 04:15:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Assigning to myself


[2001-07-03 22:51:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here's the link to a script that exhibits this problem 100% of the time on my 
PPC/YellowDog server as well as a production machine at 

I've tried this under several version of php (including the current 4.0.6) as well as 
with every available release of libmcrypt (2.4.7-2.4.15) all without effect.  Given 
that I have the same problem on a production webserver at phpwebhosting as I do on my 
own homemade PPC linux box I'm guessing this is real problem...

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...



[2001-07-03 11:28:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here's an example:

If encrypt the string "Reed, Phyllis" with the key "70094cc48e1a23bf6fec60c2db6e4b71" 
using blowfish in CBC mode mycrypt will seg fault.  However, if I change the string to 
"Reed,Phyllis" (no space) everything's fine.  Removing a chacter from the end (""Reed, 
Phylli") doesn't fix the problem though, so it's apparently not length related.

Very strange indeed...


[2001-07-03 10:48:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


This still seems to be a problem in 4.0.6.  I'm pretty sure that it is caused by 
specific strings being passed into mycrypt, however, I'm not sure what string 
characteristics cause the problem.  



[2001-05-27 19:27:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Should be fixed in CVS now. Fix will be in PHP 4.0.6.
If this happens with it too, reopen this bug report.



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