I wrote SAPRFC extension for PHP 4.0.x. With this extension is
call an ABAP function modules in SAP R/3 from PHP scripts. On other side is 
also possible call PHP functions from SAP R/3. The extension use standard 
SAP RFC (Remote Function Call) communication API and can be used for:

 - web application development with connectivity to SAP R/3
 - interface programs than transfer data between SAP R/3 and an other system
 - RFC server programs 

More information, API documentation, examples, sources and binaries (dll for
you can find on http://saprfc.sourceforge.net.

Maybe this extension can be useful not only for me. Therefore I would like
get it into the official PHP extension tree (CVS: php4/ext/saprfc). 
I would like ask you, if is it possible and what can I do for it ?

         Eduard Koucky.

[ Eduard Koucky, IT specialist, Czech television, Prague     ]
[ e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED], phone: ++420 2 61132081 ]
[ WWW: http://saprfc.sourceforge.net, http://www.czech-tv.cz ]

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