Koucký Eduard wrote:
> Maybe this extension can be useful not only for me. Therefore I would like
> get it into the official PHP extension tree (CVS: php4/ext/saprfc).
> I would like ask you, if is it possible and what can I do for it ?

well, first of all there is a license issue
you have chosen the GPL for your extension but both the SAP libraries
and PHP are currently under a license not compatible with the GPL
things might change as far as PHP is concerned, but chances that SAP
changes the license for the RFC libraries are not good IMHO

you have three options to resolve this:
1) switch to the PHP license which is a BSD style license
2) switch to the LGPL which gives your code the same protection as the
   GPL but allows to link against code not GPL compatible
3) stay with the GPL but add a special permission clause that allows to
   link your extension against PHP, the Zend Engine and the RFC libs

besides that you should apply for a CVS account (theres a request form
somewhere on php.net) or ask someone who already has one to check in
the code for you
i might volunteer for this as i already started a RFC extension of my
own so that i should be able to 'judge' your code somehow ...

Hartmut Holzgraefe  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  http://www.six.de  +49-711-99091-77

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